Quartz Countertops & Tile

DIFINITI quartz countertops and flooring products are comprised of quartz, granite or recycled glass held together with a pigmented binder. Including some of nature’s strongest minerals, DIFINITI is resistant to stains and scratches.

Depth. Character. Clarity.

Choose from an assortment of slab and tile colors within our stylish Collections. DIFINITI will add a signature style to your kitchen or bath that truly suits your lifestyle.

Express Personal Style

Style is a distinctive manner of expression that is very personal. Each individual has their own personality that describes who they are and what they’re about. Define the personality of your space with DIFINITI…Quartz to Suit Your Lifestyle.


Bianco Arabesco

Bianco C

Bianco L

Bianco Macauba

Bianco Namibia

Bianco Statuario

Calacata Borgo

Calacatta Colorado

Calacatta Golden Vein

Calacatta Lincoln

Calacatta Michelangelo

Calacatta Traslux

Calacatta Venaoro


Concrete Nuvolato



Nero Marquina

Pietra Grey

Statuario Venato




Silver Lake











The Benefits of DIFINITI Quartz

Naples Heart Institute

Hassle-Free Performance

DIFINITI has low absorption eliminating the need for a sealer or topical coating. The hard, nonporous surface makes cleaning simple. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent are the only products required to maintain its luster.

More Than Countertops

Available in matching tile, DIFINITI Quartz is flexible for both countertop and flooring design.

Sustainable Options

Not only is DIFINITI comprised of nature’s strongest minerals, some of our colors include recycled content.
Learn more about the green aspects of DIFINITI quartz.

Heat Resistant -
Scratch Resistant* -
High-Gloss Shine -
Stain Resistant -
 Color Consistency -
Chemical Resistant Varies

* Some materials in the Enrich and Excite collections contain recycled mirror and/or glass which may be abraded with sharp or heavy objects.

Sustainability of DIFINITI

Recycled Content

In an effort to decrease the impact resulting from extraction and processing of virgin materials, DIFINITI’s Enrich Series & Excite Series offer recycled glass content. This table provides a summary of the recycled glass found in each material.

According to the Material & Resource Credits 4.1 & 4.2: Recycled Content guideline of LEED® for New Construction version 2.2, Use of building materials with recycled content such that the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half the pre-consumer recycled content constitutes 10-20% (based on cost) of the total value of the materials in the project. Since the above glass chips are comprised of recycled materials, they may help contribute to these credits.

For additional information on the green aspects of DIFINITI quartz, call 877.TM.SLABS.

Customize Your DIFINITI

Get the color you need with all the benefits of quartz. We know that some projects require a specific color match. For this reason, we offer custom color and color matching service to meet the design demands of any quartz installation. Manageable lead times and accurate matching technologies make DIFINITI your best choice for custom color quartz countertops and tile flooring.

A non-refundable $250 matching fee is required to get started. Custom color samples take about 21 days to produce. Once samples are approved the lead time for actual orders is 75-90 days. The matching fee will be applied toward the purchase of material at time of purchase.

Minimum order requirements for custom colors:
Tile: 8,000 Sq. Ft.
2cm Slabs: 4,300 Sq. Ft.
3cm Slabs: 2,800 Sq. Ft.

Contact us to get started with your custom quartz order.

Easy Care & Maintenance

For daily maintenance, simply wash DIFINITI countertops and flooring with a soft cotton cloth and warm water. Mild soap may also be used if desired. For occasional deep cleaning, use any nonabrasive liquid cleaner with bleach. We recommend Clorox Clean-Up© cleaner with bleach; it's that easy to clean and maintain DIFINITI.

Things to Avoid

Several chemicals on the market are corrosive to and may attack quartz surfaces. The potential damage these chemicals can cause is often irreversible. Take the precautions listed below when caring for your DIFINITI quartz surfaces.

Do not expose your DIFINITI surfaces to oven cleaners, abrasive cleaners, battery acid, paint removers, furniture strippers, metal cleaners or similar products.

DIFINITI is not heat proof, chemical proof or fracture proof. By exercising common sense protections, the beauty of your DIFINITI quartz will last throughout the years.

Never use abrasive or harsh scrub pads on your DIFINITI surfaces as these can permanently scratch and dull the surface.

Do not apply sealers, penetrants or topical treatments to DIFINITI, as these products are not needed and may dull or give the appearance of inconsistent polish.


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Request A Sample

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Warranty Information

DIFINITI quartz slabs are warranted for a period of 10 years from the date of installation to be free of manufacturing defects in residential interior applications.

While DIFINITI is heat resistant under normal cooking conditions, extreme heat may affect the beauty of any quartz surface. DIFINITI recommends the use of trivets for roasting pans, skillets and electronic countertop cooking devices. Damage caused by negligence, abuse or extreme heat is not covered under warranty.

Normal wear of the product based on specific use, traffic and maintenance methods are to be expected and are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is limited solely to replacement of material only.

Warranty Registration

Technical Resources

DIFINITI Quartz Specifications

For architects who require more complete information on DIFINITI quartz, the Technical Product Data, Tile and Slab Specifications are available here for download.


Tile Specification.doc

Slab Specification.doc

Fabrication Resources

Proper fabrication requires an extended knowledge of the material.  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and DIFINITI Technical Data (ASTM) are available download in PDF format.



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